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title: Lakesuperior

This repository is no longer under active development. It is kept here for historical reference. The effort to build a compact asset repository has been moved to [https://git.knowledgetx.com/scossu/lsup_repo].

Lakesuperior is a Linked Data repository software. It is capable of storing and managing large volumes of files and their metadata regardless of their format, size, ethnicity, gender identity or expression.

Lakesuperior is an alternative Fedora Repository implementation. Fedora is a mature repository software system historically adopted by major cultural heritage institutions which extends the Linked Data Platform protocol.

Guiding Principles

Lakesuperior aims at being a reliable and efficient Fedora 4 implementation.

Its main goals are:

  • Reliability: Based on solid technologies with stability in mind.
  • Efficiency: Small memory and CPU footprint, high scalability.
  • Ease of management: Tools to perform migration, monitoring and maintenance included.
  • Simplicity of design: Straight-forward architecture, robustness over features.

Key features

  • Stores binary files and RDF metadata in one repository.
  • Multi-modal access: REST/LDP, command line and native Python API.
  • (almost) Drop-in replacement for Fedora4
  • Very stable persistence layer based on LMDB and filesystem. Fully ACID-compliant writes guarantee consistency of data.
  • Term-based search and SPARQL Query API + UI
  • No performance penalty for storing many resources under the same container, or having one resource link to many URIs
  • Extensible provenance metadata tracking
  • Fits in a pocket: you can carry 50M triples in an 8Gb memory stick.

Installation & Documentation

With Docker:

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/scossu/lakesuperior.git
cd lakesuperior
docker-compose up

With pip (requires a C compiler to be installed):

pip install lakesuperior

The full, current documentation is maintained in Read The Docs. Please refer to that for more info, including installation instructions.