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LSUP tree

lsup_rdf: basic graph and RDF creation, manipulation, validation, de/serialization, and storage. Written in C. C and Python APIs; command-line utilities.

lsup_repo: repository services: organizes RDF data into "resources" made up of several named graphs; framework-managed and user-defined triples; resource-centric CRUD methods; binary storage and basic preservation facilities; structures (containers/sets, linked lists, ORE proxies, etc.); versioning, event stream. Built upon lsup_rdf. Written in C. C and Python APIs; command-line utilities.

lsup_server: REST API and read-only GUI for lsup_repo: browse (click-through) and query (matching pattern) facilities. Likely written in Python. REST API.

Basic features of lsup_repo

  • Resources as collections of named graphs (by both URI pattern and linkage)
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete a resource
    • Update by delta (triples to remove, by pattern; triples to add)
    • Update by overwriting (create-or-update approach)
    • Soft (bury + tombstone) and hard (forget) deletes
  • Versioning; revert to version; resurrect or purge buried resources.
  • Admin utilities
    • Blob fixity check
    • Repo integrity check
    • Referential integrity
    • RDF Resource integrity
    • Indices
    • Repo stats
    • Migrate repos