Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  scossu fa85944542 Correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH. 11 months ago
  scossu 366df24595 Add outdir to LD flags. 11 months ago
  scossu d3cf9698d3 Output libraries in bin/. 11 months ago
  scossu c6c1387ebb WIP Separate update function. 11 months ago
  scossu 5765a1e558 WIP 11 months ago
  scossu 3f1569f63e Do not copy passed graph URI in LSUP_graph_new(). 1 year ago
  scossu aa22a928fd Update to latest LSUP_rdf version. 1 year ago
  Stefano Cossu a2944ab760 Delete cached hashmap.c. 1 year ago
  Stefano Cossu bd276e9446 Manually remove hashmap module. 1 year ago
  Stefano Cossu 2d0e2fc664 WIP Adapt to new lsup_rdf API. 1 year ago
  Stefano Cossu 6b0f267af6 Update references to ext repos. 1 year ago
  Stefano Cossu da10036253 Merge stashed changes. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu b698150d82 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://ktx/home/stefano/git/lsup_repo 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu ae0865c419 WIP 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu 4a4918b7d6 WIP get data and metadata. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu 642cbd5042 Fix mem leaks. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu c0f01ca2e6 Store DESC-R. Basic tests. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu efdacd685d WIP store DESC-R. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu 9785f83782 Pass basic test. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu 6c211234cd Initial desc module and empty test. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu 3c30aa4197 Initial README draft and base modules. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu 9efbbe9a7a Add lsup_rdf submodule and copy boilerplate files. 2 years ago
  Stefano Cossu f79f31c89e Initial commit. 2 years ago